References* Germany: Equipment
*Reference projects, which have been realized with the collaboration of the Management and the
 employees of BAN 2000 GmbH (please move mouse over locations).
Airfield Güttin / Isle of Rügen

Airport Rostock-Laage

Airfield Anklam

Parchim International Airport

Airport Neubrandenburg

Airport Finow

Airfield Eggersdorf

Airfield Schönhagen

Airfield Oehna

Airfield Pohlitz

Airfield Drewitz

Airfield Rothenburg

Airport Wunstorf

Airfield Strausberg

Airport Wriezen

Airfield Nauen

Airfield Kyritz

Airport Heringsdorf

Airport Magdeburg

Airfield Bautzen

Airport Hof-Plauen

Airfield Eisenach-Kindel

Airfield Niederstetten

Airport Augsburg

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